Our team

Sister Cities of Houston is made up almost exclusively of volunteers; men and women who give their time and devote their energy to making Houston a richer and more culturally diverse city. They come from all over the world, but they all call Houston home. Working together, they form partnerships and committees that help further the association's goals and expand its programs.


Each month, the Board of Directors meet to discuss ongoing business and initiatives. The Board is composed of four elected members of the Executive Committee, five at large board members and one ex officio representative from each Sister City organization.


Current Board Members

Harry Gee, President
David Godwin, Vice President
Patrick Chatel, Treasurer
Susan Young, Secretary
Ellen Goldberg, Immediate Past President
Lina Corinth, At Large Member
Jeff Gillis, At Large Member
Cristal Montanez-Baylor, At Large Member
Gary Nakamura, At Large Member
Thierry Rignol, At Large Member
Sunny Sharma, President, Houston-Abu Dhabi
Irada Akhoundova, President, Houston-Baku
Masad Baba, Chair, Houston-Basrah
Hiroko Sato, Chair, Houston-Chiba
Kornel Rost, President Pro-tem, Houston-Grampian Region
Luis Moyano, President, Houston-Guayaquil


Olga Cavia, President, Houston-Huelva
Ruhi Ozgel, President, Houston-Istanbul
Muhammad Sheikh, President, Houston-Karachi
Kathryn Kennedy, President, Houston-Leipzig
Stephen Braun, Vice-President, Houston-Leipzig
Edson Ventura, President, Houston-Luanda
Ghislane Thomsen, President, Houston-Nice
Lina Corinth, Vice-President, Houston-Nice
Jerald Broussard, President, Houston-Perth
Jim Olive, President, Houston-Shenzhen
Anne-Brith Berge, President, Houston-Stavanger
Jennifer Sickman, Vice-President, Houston-Stavanger
Dona Chambers, President, Houston-Taipei
Marco Bracamontes, President, Houston-Tampico
Andrew Pidgirsky, Chair, Houston-Tyumen